GPAC Point of sale (POS) is a point of sale and inventory control system software. It keeps track of all your Sales, Customers, Inventory, Purchase and more. It's got all the features you'll need to manage your retail business packaged in an easy to use and intuitive design. POS software designed with easy to use in mind, our full-featured Point of Sale systems for retailers makes it easier in controlling inventory and managing customers. We provide Point of Sale solution, including Positive Software for General Retail, Restaurants, Chain Shop, Super Shop, and Shopping Mall etc .

Basic Feature: Accounts, Inventory, Sale, and Purchase module are fully integrated, Barcode based POS for fast billing, Customer bill ( mushok 11ko), VAT statement(NBR format), Sale & Purchase Register( NBR format), Easy user interface, Real-time view of inventory, Itemize sales person commission to increase efficiency of sales staff, Chain & Franchisee Management, Warehouse management, Outlet to ware house real-time data up transaction, Secure MS SQL server database, On-line facilities, Multiple outlet creation option.

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